Welcome to Nourished Purely, I am glad to have you here!

Let me guide you towards a healthy lifestyle where your body functions optimally, nourished purely.

As a biologist and nutritional therapist it is easy to see how the availability of nutritional information can be overwhelming and confusing for those seeking insight to make changes and bring balance to their diet.  We will work together to give you the tools so informed nutritional decisions can be made on a daily basis. Whether you are recovering from illness, mitigating symptoms, enduring a hectic schedule, a busy parent, an elite athlete, or simply want to ensure you are eating optimally let’s work together to ensure your body is in a happy place!

Focusing on whole foods we will develop a customized plan which will address nutritional deficiencies, minimize symptoms of pre-existing disease, and help prevent the onset of any future disease or illness.  Our focus will be on optimizing your energy, health, and wellbeing.

I am there to support and educate you through this journey as you and your body discover the joys of being nourished purely. 

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